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Pulp Studios team has been working hard to beat Edmonton’s proverbial business opportunity bushes to see what’s new and happening and what makes our hearts skip a beat in this market. It’s been a wonderful couple of months of discussions around direction, change, strategy and growth. Perhaps we’ve been subconsciously influenced by one of our clients’ project mottos: “Dream Bigger”  but it’s true, we’ve been dreaming and thinking bigger, and we’re not done yet. We are just getting started!

Ultimately, we want to meet as many entrepreneurs and business owners who hold complementary skill sets to Pulps. As a multiple award-winning studio specializing in illustration, animation and design for the gaming industry, the world of ‘edutainment’ and advertising, we are THEE front-end go-to studio. What do we do? We focus primarily on 2D content for a wide variety of applications: eLearning, educational video games, editorial content, entertainment, books, graphic novels, comic books, promotional items and educational resources for a client base not just here in Edmonton but expanding throughout Canada and into the US.

Each time I get a chance to network at business events like Startup Edmonton, ACE or at arts events like Guru Digital Arts College and meet some good folks, I leave the event amazed at the incredibly smart and talented visionary business owners that are in this city. You may not hear about them in daily media, but they are brewing up a storm of ideas that make us at Pulp incredibly excited to be a part of.

We are looking for collaborators and like minded and progressive business owners who want to dream big, create high quality and visually appealing products with skilled and award winning artists (like the guys and gals I have the pleasure to work with every day).

It’s my first blog here at Pulp Studios and over the last 6 months of taking scope of this digital media landscape I have worked with the owners Kelly and Corey to tighten up the processes at the studio to provide clients with an even better experience and product. Not only that, but we’ve had many discussions around where Pulp is, where it is heading, and how it will get there. After working with world-class clients such as Microsoft, and shortly (in January 2013) we’ll be launching our next project – EnGenious for APEGA (set of 10 mini games built to create interest in engineering and geoscience) we are ready to move to the next level. I won’t reveal any secrets but I’m glad to say that things are brewing.

So, don’t go anywhere, don’t change the channel and keep Pulp on your radar. Repin our work on Pinterest, like us on Facebook, tweet us to say hello and find out what we are up to daily on Instagram. Best of all send us a message if you want to get in touch.

We are always looking to meet new faces.

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