8 Things You Should Know About Pulp Studios Inc.

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1. Pulp Studios Inc. creates more than award winning illustrations.

Pulp Studios Inc. offers a wide range of services in print and digital visual communications including but not limited to:

  • visual identity design and branding
  • educational and training resource design
  • interactive design
  • casual online game design and gamification of content on websites
  • mobile UI design
  • annual reports
  • print collateral
  • motion graphics
  • responsive web design
  • etc.

We’re very capable and love visual communication in all it’s guises.

2. Pulp Studios Inc. has the connections necessary for every kind of project.
We thrive on connections with world class professionals. Being a creative company, we have focused on making connections with other companies who support our projects from a technical perspective. We’ve worked with world class companies such as, and

3. Pulp Studios Inc. focuses on the creative strategy behind award winning experiences.
Our mandate is to focus on the creative approach toward projects. We do this by analyzing the audience needs, the client goals and determining the best medium and mode of deployment to carry our clients message forward. Being story-tellers who value the emotive side of visual communication in all its forms, Pulp strives to produce work that invites users into an exciting, informative and memorable experience.

4. The company’s values and mission define our direction and interactions with clients, other creatives and the public.
Our company values motivate us to work with not-for-profit agencies, investing our time and love in their causes. These values include the following:

  • honesty
  • integrity
  • being charitable
  • always learning

In recent years we’ve worked with organizations such as the Edmonton Downs Syndrome Society, Prostate Cancer Walk and Run and contributed work to Doctors & Derrieres which is the change for children organization as well as the SPERO Gala, a fundraiser for Action Coalition on Human Trafficking. We’ve also made a point of donating a portion of our income to organizations like World
Vision and Samaritan’s Purse.

5. Pulp Studios Inc. aims to be a leader in the creative world.
We are constantly looking for opportunities to share our experiences with our contemporaries and the next generation of creatives. This goal has provided opportunities to speak and teach at FITC, AD Club of Edmonton, University of Alberta, AGA, MacEwan University, and Guru Digital Arts. It is our hope and goal to encourage those of us who have been in the business for a while, young professionals and students towards excellence in their craft, all the while learning as we go.

6. Pulp Studios Inc. values collaboration and innovation.
Pulp is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other organizations on creative initiatives which are innovative, fun and engaging. If you have a project in mind that you think we’d be a good fit for don’t hesitate to contact us. Previous collaborations have led to awesome projects such as Tankster, Pirates Love Daisies, Sencha: Kick Fu and EnGenious.

7. Don’t let our youthful enthusiasm fool you.
The principals of Pulp are seasoned pros where it comes to the business of creative services. Kelly Mellings has been creating award winning design and illustration professionally since 2000 and has a deep well of experience art directing creative efforts. Corey Lansdell’s broad experience ranges from years operating a small graphic design studio to creating award winning illustrations and animations for Pulp Studios Inc. Though we may come across as young and excited about our work, our professionalism, drive and dedication to our craft will prove us as solid, reliable, creative business men.

8. Pulp Studios Inc. takes on projects of all sizes.
We have the team and the connections to handle projects of various sizes from start to completion. We have a solid track record of delivering on small and large projects. Recently we completed a one and a half year project with APEGA which included a website, print collateral and an online casual game.

We’d love to work with you, for you or along side you on your creative journey. Please contact us today to arrange a meeting to chat about your project or request an estimate on a project. We look forward to getting to know you.

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