Illustration Focus – It’s Who We Are

Back in 2010, Kelly and I sat down and over the course of multiple lunches we made the bold proclamation that we wanted to create a studio that allowed us to focus on illustrative work. Well that’s exactly what we set out to do and also what came to be. Looking at our early portfolio, you can see that we were fortunate to carry out multiple projects that had heavy illustrative components.

For example:


During the first three years of business we received a few awards for our illustration work such as:


2012 ACE Award


These award winners as well as many other illustration projects ranging from character designs, storyboards, background work for animations, info graphic illustrations, technical illustration and commercial illustration for educational and advertising apps are where we truly succeed.

When we take on robust illustration projects in partnership with rich talent in agencies and large organizations we always experience a deep sense of appreciation and value for the expertise we provide. It is in these projects where our story telling, creativity, craft and passion thrive. Some of our more recent pieces including We Grow Alberta for ATB and are prime examples of these.

When asked to send us a comment on her experience working with us on, Nicola Pringle (Art Director – Calder Bateman) sent back this lovely note.

“Corey and Kelly are not only keen, professional and accommodating, they also offer up their own creative minds to the project. These guys have a lot of great ideas and would be a fine addition to any team. Especially if you’re in need of some kick-ass illustration or animation work!”

So, what we are saying is this. Yes, we are able to provide stellar service in a myriad of visual communication arenas, however, we excel at and strive toward projects that are replete with illustration requirements. Let it be known the world over that Pulp Studios Inc. can provide industry leading illustration work for any project, print, digital, film or otherwise. To use the words of Winston Zeddemore, “We’ve got the tools… and we have the talent!” (Ghostbusters – 1984)

Sitting in Joey’s Restaurant just off Jasper Ave. in the cold months of winter 2009 with a glass of red wine, a plate of fish and chips, my good friend and would be business partner across from me, and a note book with pages of crazy business names, I didn’t have a notion of how this journey of running a business together would go. But I did know that we were passionate about one thing: telling stories through illustration. How awesome is it that we’ve had so many opportunities to do this over the course of Pulp’s three, almost four years and we now find ourselves full circle, refocusing on our passion.

Look for amazing things to come from Pulp Studios Inc. We’re just getting warmed up!

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