Pirates ♥ Daisies

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We can finally share one of the most exciting projects we’ve had the privilege of working on.
Pirates ♥ Daisies is a humorous, engaging tower defence game that uses cutting edge programming and pretty awesome graphics ( if we say so ourselves ;-))
The concept is as simple as it is whimsical, pirates love daisies and you must defend your chlophilled booty from the denizins of the sea (directed by davey jones)!

Pirates Love Daisies is the brainchild of brilliant programmer (I think artist is a better word for what he does though) Grant Skinner.Challenged by Microsoft to create something that pushes what html 5 can do Grant Skinner decided to create a tower defence game, something that traditionally would be built in other technologies. This is kind of a big deal…html doesn’t usually do things like this…it’s usually technology like flash that’s employed for a game experience like this…so to be a part of something this progressive and fun was truly an honour.

Pulp’s task was to dress it up as amazing as we could and to create a look and feel that would be accessible to as many people as possible while still being stylish and fresh. We’re exceptionally lucky to have been given such a great deal of leeway and trust in the look of this game. And I hope our enthusiasm and passion shows in the art as much as it does in the programming and functionality of the game!

Inspired by 1950’s and 60’s simple cartoon aesthetics, filtered through our own influences, and guided by the creatives at, we created a look for pirates that’s accessible, fun and quirky, with a hint of nostalgia for those who love old animation as much as we do.

So what are you waiting for???

Go play the game!!

Like it on facebook! (and see some exclusive development art!)

Or check out an early review of PLD.

Oh..and as part of the launch celebration, all next week we’ll be posting about the different stages of creating the look of this game…drop on by to see some of our process revealed!



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