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Pulp Studios Inc. on Bioware

On November 14, 2014, Corey had the privilege of visiting the Bioware Edmonton office with Grant Skinner to discuss the collaborative work they carried out on the Dragon Age Keep. Pulp worked alongside to create animations which play in conjunction with users recorded decisions across Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2. What a great team, great project and wonderful experience.

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Article in the PEG about engenious Feb 2013

The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta aka APEGA featured the exciting and progressive Engenious Game in their professional magazine(with a circulation of over 65 000). The project’s series of educational mini-games and an immersive environment aim to excite/educate youth about careers in Engineering and Geosciences. Another amazing project, and an exciting initiative to be a part of!

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CBC Feburary 2013

After recently winning the prestigious American Indian Motion Picture Award for best animation, we were proud to talk with CBC’s Gareth Hampshire about our part in the animation/motion graphic Fighting Chance.
The story was featured on television, online, and radio.

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Study Magazine May 2012

Pulp’s Animator Extraordinaire Meaghen Hicks was featured in Study magazine. As a graduate of Guru Digital Arts she’s a sucessfull example of finding the right program, the right school and jumping into the right career!

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Applied Arts Article April 2011

Pulp Studios was interviewed by Applied Arts Freelance writer Tim Alamenciak (, Tim on Twitter); a great breakdown of our first year and our humble beginnings.

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CBC March 2011

Pulp Studios was approached by CBC to participate in an initiative designed to inform the public more about Aboriginal culture in Alberta. We Participated by providing an interview regarding a comic we produced for Native Counselling Services of Alberta and BearPaw Media, as well as creating a unique illustration for the initiative.

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When you arrive at the site, click the Browse the Stories navigation to find the following features. Soundslide: Bringing Muskwa to Life, Audio: Comic Book Culture and Video: A Hero of Their Own.

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Find our mini interview near the bottom of the page under Learning the Path…Bringing the art to life.

Applied Arts January 2011

Pulp Studios work was featured on the Applied Arts Annual Calendar.

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Channel 9 – Pirates Love Daisies December 2010

Introductory Article and video for Pirates Love Daisies, the HTML 5 collaboration with

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